Jason Nagy - President

When business owners run away from technology, Jason runs towards it to find workable technological solutions to real business problems. From big retail and media companies to the little shop around the corner, Jason has worked with them all. Through Wise Crescent Inc., Jason enables business owners to discover what technology can do to help their business. Also, delivering effective GO DIGITAL packages. Jason and Wise Crescent Inc. provide business owners with a clear path to follow to build and grow their business through digital online channels and technology.

Our Fantastic Independent Service Partners

Aderson Oliveira

Aderson is an adjunct professor and principal of the Solo Coder. Aderson has extensive web development experience which is focused on the .NET development stack. His specialties: Product Owner, CMS, DNN site planning, implementation, development, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Emsad Ahmetašević

For the last 14 years, I have worked in the field of customer support, maintenance, selling, and delivery. I used my free time to educate myself through online resources. So I have advanced knowledge of Html, CSS, javascript, and good knowledge of Github, sass, PHP, C#, MySQL, frameworks, etc… I have a good understanding of UI/UX, responsive design, semantic, accessibility, flexbox, grid, OOP, etc...

About Us

Wise Crescent has vast knowledge in the operational efficiencies for business through the proper application of technology.  Technologists at heart, we know where businesses need help and we are here to provide that help. Have a look at our website service packages or contact us today.

We: Explore, Connect, Simplify and Support.


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Within Canada there are just over 2 million businesses with 1-4 people running them.  We know many of these types of businesses with many friends building businesses of their own.  We want to focus on this 1-4 crowd and bring the advantages of our vast business network and knowledge to your business.

We know that you are a professional and know your stuff. Our experience has found that in the 1-4 crowd there isn't time to investigate much of the new advances available to help your business and that is where we come in.  Every day we spend time investigating the next best thing for your business to determine if it is the next best thing.  If it is  then we bring it to you here on Wise Crescent.  To let you discover what we have found and allow you to become aware of what is out there to help you.

If you do want to take the next step and take advantage of the new innovation we plan on providing as much Do it yourself (DIY) content as possible so that you can tackle the projects first hand.  If you just don't have the time or don't want to take on any new projects we can do it for you with our packages which we have put together to just get things done for you.

We are a Canadian company and plan on reaching business, throughout the world, through our many online channels which we continue to build. Many projects are well based to be done remotely and those are the projects we are most focused on.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your company and grow with your business.  Good luck with your business and remember if you don't see it on Wise Crescent, just contact us because we will try to make it all happen for you, whatever that is!