Boaty McBoatFace and driving traffic to your website
Experiment Time - Okay you may not have heard about the Boaty McBoatFace story but you can find out all about it with one quick search online. Basically, an agency in the UK opened up the naming of a boat to the general public. Yep, you guessed it, the leading name chosen by the public was Boaty McBoatface.
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Is the Formal Business Plan dead?
Is your business operating like most small businesses without a written business plan? With no plan, small businesses have a tougher time determining many of the ways to achieve goals for the business. If you don't know where you are travelling to you most likely won't get there unless you are extremely lucky. Take away some of the luck required with a good plan.
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Who will win the NEW online ad wars, Newspapers?
September 2015 witnessed some big announcements in the online advertising space. It seems the online advertising companies are looking to create more direct channels to target customers and others are trying to block the efforts. And we aren’t talking about small players here.
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5 simple strategies to reach a larger audience with your content
Over 2 million and in some cases over 100 million online content pieces have been studied to determine these 5 simple strategies to reach a larger audience with your content. The fine people over at have presented this information in a recent webinar.
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When Pricing Sends You Running for Cover,
Follow the “Better than Gut Pricing Formula“ ™ Pricing is a tough subject for many, myself included. How much do I charge for my service? How much is my extensive experience which created this service worth? How much profit should I receive or need to receive? Follow along as I drive through these and other questions to the “Better than Gut Pricing Formula” which you can use today to help with pricing:
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Jessica's Story an introduction to our new professional Blog Editing packages
Plan on making money from your blog or want to provide professionally polished blog content to your audience, then you need to watch our short entertaining video story about Jessica.
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Facebook trending down and YouTube trending up! Reach your audience.
Well, based on some Google trending it seems that Facebook has been trending downward since about early 2011. At the same time YouTube has continued a steady upward climb since its creation. It is important to know where you focus your time to reach your audience or future customers and YouTube may be the new place.
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Is the PowerPoint presentation dead? Nail your next presentation!
We have all seen and maybe even presented endless bullet points and boring content. Presentations where the audience walks away stunned and with no knowledge of what the point of the presentation was meant to be. New tools and technologies are available to create stunning animation and effects to capture the attention of the audience. There is just one BIG problem...
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24 Billion emails studied: discover the best subject line secrets
If you want someone, who doesn't know you personally, to open your email you need to choose your words wisely. Word selection for your emails start with the subject line of your email. The correct words in your subject line can increase the open rate for your emails or accelerate their deletion.
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Files too big for email? Large file cloud services to the rescue. Caution first!
As a small business owner or employee, have you ever tried to send a large presentation or big files through email? Did you find that sometimes the email didn't make it and you received a message that read the attachment was too big? Do you ever consider the security of your content? Perhaps you are emailing trade secrets or other private information you don’t want unauthorized people to view. Unless you are using an encrypted email service, most likely your email could be at risk of being i...
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