What are explainer videos and why do small businesses need them? Create your own.
Traditional corporate videos are dead! Explainer videos are the new way to go. Explainer videos are right in the middle of Commercials and How-To videos. Commercials are used to highlight a product to drive sales. How-To videos are step by step instruction based videos leading to the completion of some project. The goal of the explainer video is to inform the viewer so that they can take the next step of discovery.
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 Wow, Google has done it again, with Affordable Consumer Surveys!
Not just another online survey tool For most small business owners, good targeted business intelligence is a tough thing to obtain. In most cases the owners must rely on big general consumer studies which are scattered throughout the internet. Although the consumer study information from the big studies wasn't great it was at least was something to put into a power point presentation. We have all seen the presentations quoting numbers from the big firms such as KPMG, PWC and ComScore. Now the...
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Twitter accounts to follow for small business and entrepreneurs
Twitter isn’t, “I am now walking outside…” or “I just ate a sandwich”. Twitter is a real-time important account of what is happening now. Twitter is a valuable resource for small business owners to tap into for expert tips, information, news and much more. Twitter is an easy access point for small business owners to connect with other business owners and potential customers. However, to really benefit, the small business owner has to take part and not just take.
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Showrooming vs. Webrooming for Brick and Mortar Stores
Okay, so Showrooming and Webrooming are buzz words from retail shopping research firms but they are also important concepts to understand. Showrooming happens when consumers first go into brick and mortar stores to find products they like, but then they leave the store only to purchase the item online. Many times the items which are purchased online are purchased at reduced prices and may not be purchased from the same store owner of the brick and mortar store they visited earlier.
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Payments made simple, mobile payments, POS payments, payments everywhere
Like every business, you sell something and need to take payments for your products or services. As cash payments continue to move out of favour, accepting credit card payments is a must for any business. The set-up required to accept credit card payments traditionally meant you would have to contact your bank for a merchant account and then order some expensive devices from them to process credit card transactions. You would then pay account fees, credit card fees and equipment fees just to ena...
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Does your website show well on mobile?
If your website wasn't designed or redesigned in the last few years, most likely it won't look good on mobile devices and may not even be usable on mobile devices. Recently, comScore reported to the Canadian Press that 49% of internet usage in Canada is performed on a mobile device. You may want to check your site today because your business may be missing out on website traffic.
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Have you tried the
Mooc is an acronym for Massive Open Online Course. Moocs get the Massive part of the name from the number of students attending courses from around the world. Quite often the attendance numbers...
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Nightmare over. Stop recording your pile of expense receipts !
For years now, there have been different machines and computer programs you can buy to help track your business expenses and manage your receipts. Even with great organization and determination, the of piles of receipts can become overwhelming and distracting. Can you imagine simply putting your receipts in an envelope and having a digital copy of your receipts easily made with all the details? Well you can stop imagining. You heard it here. The website www.shoeboxed.com offers scanning of r...
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Crowdsource your business logo design and brand
Don't know any designers? No sweat! Used a designer before but the cost was rather pricey for the limited design options? Would you like to see lots of design options for a reasonable price? Why not have a contest and let close to a 1,000,000 designers world-wide have a shot at your logo. Yes, that is close to a million designers all for you!
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Top 10 steps to get your business online
Avoid the many mistakes others have done early on when starting their business. You should do these top 10 steps to get your business online before you move one more step into your business. It is critical that in today's business climate that you have a online presence. If you are selling flowers, baking cakes, sewing, producing jet engines or the next best high tech toy you must provide people a channel to reach you. The digital channel through the internet is the most cost effective way to ...
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