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Go Digital Managed Websites

Fully Managed Websites

Jason Nagy

Check out the Managed Website GO DigitalTM packages below for the one which best fits your business needs and sign up or contact us by email or phone 647-848-1431 today for more information.

Go Smart Digital™



You need this plan to build or refresh your digital online business presence and create a solid foundation for growth.

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Go Growth Digital™



This plan will help you grow your digital online presence with strategic data analysis, recommendations and more.

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Go Active Digital™



This plan will provide you with a helping hand implementing the recommendations from the strategic data analysis and more.

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Go Digital Packages feature comparison chart.

Feature Go Smart Digital Go Growth Digital Go Active Digital
Create a modern responsive website
Manage unlimited reasonable content updates
Provide DIY content management tools
Maintain and support platform
Platform patches and backups
Performance monitoring
Implement website analytics
Monthly review of social channels
Monthly report highlighting social opportunities
Monthly report of applicable tools
Monthly analytics review
Monthly extended analytics review
Monthly review of industry buzz
Monthly Cost $158 $198 $298
30 Day Money Back Guarantee, cancel anytime**.
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A Simple process from start to finish!

How the process works from the purchase of a Go Digital package to your site being launched.

Step 1

 Thank you for considering a Go Digital plan from us. We are very excited to help you out and please know you will be in good hands. We have some quick and easy steps from here which will get your new site up and running quickly.

  • Step 2

    Provide us a few details

    We will ask for a list of 3 websites you like and visit online. This will give use a feel for what you like when you visit sites, so it doesn't have to even be websites in your industry. If you can't choose 3 websites, no problem we will do the research anyway. We will take if from here and start with research of your industry.

  • Step 4

    We contact you!

    We will contact you by email with a link to your new site template, and ask any outstanding questions we have to finish building the complete structure of your site. This is called your "first look" and takes only 3 weeks to get to this point. At your request or if required by us, at this stage we can also schedule a time for a conversation to review aspects of your site and have the conversation.

  • Step 6

    Your Site goes LIVE

    Upon your approval of the final version of the site, we hook up the site with your domain name and change any required permissions so the world can find your site.

  • Step 3

    We review your submitted details

    We will review your reference sites and then start pulling the structure of your site together based on our research of your local industry. We will start by creating a framework for your site and include any content you wish to have included with the site build.

  • Step 5

    Your initial review

    At this step you will be able to review your site structure and any content we have put in place. We will also work with you to add any additional content and make any required changes. This will be one of many opportunities you have to provide your direct touch on the site.

  • ...

    We support you!

    We are not done with you yet! This is only the beginning. We are here for your support, contact us anytime.

** Cancellation policy:

Any package can be cancelled at any time with simple notification of cancellation to Wise Crescent Inc. Packages which are cancelled within the first 30 days of purchase are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price minus any 3rd party payment service fees. Packages which are cancelled after the first 30 days after the purchase date will not be renewed for the next billing period and are not entitled to a refund of remaining time left within the cancelled package.  If there are any questions or concerns about this cancellation policy, please contact Wise Crescent Inc.