Avoid the many mistakes others have done early on when starting their business. You should do these top 10 steps to get your business online before you move one more step into your business. It is critical that in today's business climate that you have a online presence. If you are selling flowers, baking cakes, sewing, producing jet engines or the next best high tech toy you must provide people a channel to reach you. The digital channel through the internet is the most cost effective way to ...
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Stop right there! Okay, your home phone or cell phone may be enabling you to conduct business but it may also be preventing you from gaining new customers. Most people like doing business with professional businesses knowing that their needs are being taken care of by a professional. Sure you are a professional but if you don't look like one potential customers may not become your customers. Discover this simple, affordable solution to add professionalism to your business and solve future issu...
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